Afraid of a face-to-face interaction with your boss?

According to a recent survey, 53% of workers who worked remotely during the pandemic are afraid of having face-to-face interactions with their bosses, making them hesitant to return to work!

This appears to be especially true for younger workers, with 70% of Gen Z and 65% of Millennials saying their bosses lacked “soft skills.”

“Traditional workplace cultures and management practices that have emphasised technical skills — without giving due weight to people skills — are no longer meeting the expectations of workers from younger generations – especially Millennials and Gen Z,” George Garrop, CEO of the organisation who undertook the survey said. “These findings suggest that managers and leaders with strong people skills will be increasingly important for organisations looking to attract and retain the best emerging talent, and to get the best out of staff.”

Interested to hear if this is reflective of your experience?

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