Life is too short for long meetings.

Blog for the week of 13 December 2021

Today I started research on running productive meetings, and it occurred to me that I already had the framework; what came to mind were the 7 Habits.


Oh where, oh where, has my EM-ployee gone?

Employee absenteeism can be a real challenge. Excessive absences decrease your productivity, increase overtime, lower morale, and raise health and WCB premiums.

Absenteeism rates for 2015 in western Canada

  • National average absenteeism rate= 8.9 days
  • Saskatchewan average absenteeism= 10.1 days
  • Alberta average.

Kill your 2016 goals. One at a time.

High-performance goal setting is about more than saying "I want to. . .".  It is a process that begins with serious contemplation of what you want, involves a lot of focussed hard work, and ends with the attainment of your.