Business Maintenance Plan (BMP)

This is our recommended option for businesses that require on-going HR support. Do you have HR goals but are unsure how to execute? Is your business rapidly growing? Do you need HR, but not a whole HR department? Do you require on-going professional advice and guidance?

If you answered’ Yes’ to any of the above, then this is the service for you.

During our engagement, REAL HR provides on-going customized HR services that supports your business strategy and HR needs.  We make the effort and take the time to understand your market, your business, your culture, your people, your policies, and your practices.  We then provide you with expert HR support and advice tailored to you and your employees. 

We handle all HR matters professionally and ethically ensuring that you are made aware of any issues that may have a significant impact on your business.  In short, we are just an extension of your business team.

This option provides the best value for money, with our fee structure set as a monthly rate based on the size of your company. We do not provide a minimum or a maximum number of hours per month, rather, we commit to providing the services outlined under our BMP plan for a flat rate. We find that this enables our clients to contact us when they need us without giving a thought to the cost that may be involved – no matter how simple or complex the human resources issue.

Interested in learning more? Email us or book a free consultation to discuss how we can provide on-going customized HR services that supports your business strategy.