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HR Consulting

At Real HR, we specialise in enhancing your internal capabilities to achieve exceptional results efficiently. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your HR initiatives, tackle specific projects with ease, or address isolated challenges, our team of consultants is here to drive and lead your HR efforts. With our expertise and dedication, we empower your organisation to thrive by providing tailored solutions that deliver tangible and remarkable outcomes across the board. Let us be your partner in success, guiding you towards sustainable growth and excellence in every aspect of your HR endeavours.

HR Strategy

We partner with companies that share our fundamental belief: people are the driving force behind successful businesses. Our innovative strategies harness this power and invigorate your organisation from within. An effective HR strategy holds transformative power for organizations of every scale, generating substantial value and instilling confidence while fostering a unified mission. Through meticulous HR strategy planning, organisations can enhance decision-making processes and lay the foundation for a future centred around prioritizing humanity. At Real HR, we collaborate with companies to blueprint targeted HR projects, whether it’s optimizing the employee lifecycle, fortifying talent retention initiatives, or orchestrating strategic restructures.

Employee Engagement

Real HR consultants specialize in the full spectrum of engagement strategies, from diagnosing symptoms of poor engagement to crafting and implementing effective solutions. Developing a robust employee engagement strategy can be complex, with numerous components to consider. Fortunately, our team possesses a wealth of expertise and innovative approaches to authentically enhance employee commitment and comprehension. With our tailored solutions, we’ll help you navigate the intricacies of engagement with ease.

Employee Retention

In today’s landscape, employees feel empowered to seek new opportunities elsewhere, creating a sense of uncertainty for employers striving to retain their motivated workforce. At Real HR, we advocate for strategic and decisive measures to foster employee motivation, focus, and appreciation. Our innovative approach revolutionizes the retention game, empowering businesses to proactively engage and retain their valuable staff.

Organisation Design

At Real HR, we comprehend the intricate dynamics of effective organisational design. Our approach begins with aligning seamlessly at the leadership level and then identifying gaps in your current organisational structure. Collaborating closely with you, we craft a customised organisational framework tailored to your needs. With Real HR by your side, we’ll guide you through bringing every component to fruition, ensuring a cohesive and thriving organisational environment.

Workplace Culture

Workplace culture embodies the very soul of your organisation, representing its unique essence and character. It encompasses the core values, behaviours, and interactions that breathe life into your work environment. Often referred to as ‘it is just the way that things are done around here,’ it is a beacon guiding every aspect of your organisation’s identity. Just as each workplace is a realm unto itself, so is its culture, with some fostering a culture of collaboration and camaraderie while others champion individual contributions. As fervent advocates of workplace culture, we believe its true essence lies not just in its existence but in its potential for transformation and optimisation. Our passionate mission is to partner with you in shaping and refining your culture to resonate harmoniously with your organisation’s vision, mission, and aspirations. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to empower you to measure, monitor, and cultivate a thriving workplace culture that inspires excellence and drives success.